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Bryan Wright

Graduated in 1993

Teacher and coach Bryan Wright recalls his high school personality as somewhat outgoing; he states he was a good kid who sometimes made the wrong decisions. He participated in track and cross-country, and is presently coaching track. His style in 1996 consisted of blue jeans, rock t-shirts, and blue jean jackets, which resembled the style of his favorite rock bands of the time. Wright’s outgoing personality remains to this day, but is tempered with maturity. His advice to students today is, “High school will be the best days of your life, but they will be gone before you even know it.” Enjoy your time at Bolton, and, as always, be Bolton Strong!



Leanne Hinkle

Graduated in 1995

In high school, Hinkle was rather reserved, studious, and active in both student life and athletics. Running track and playing soccer kept her busy, yet she also joined NHS, BETA club, Alpha Theta, French club, and mock trial! Hinkle’s aspiration to be a lawyer diminished after participating in mock trial. In high school, Hinkle was often mistaken for her teacher, as they strongly resembled one another. As for her style, Hinkle wore the unofficial uniform of the day: skirts, jeans, and fitted t-shirts. Since 1995, Hinkle states that her personality has changed quite a bit; she is more outgoing, social, extroverted, and most definitely a perfectionist. Her advice to students today is, “Focus on making yourself happy, but not to the detriment of others. Being popular should not be your ultimate goal, though being involved in various activities will positively enrich your experience.”


Darlene Stark

Graduated in 1961

Stark describes herself as a very quiet person in high school, and could be viewed as a bookworm. Though thoughtful, she participated in multiple clubs and sports, including Latin club, girls’ basketball, fishing, and the 4-H club. To attend the Fair in the Fall, she judged chickens for the 4-H club. She also raised chickens and sold their eggs in order to purchase her school clothes and supplies. Stark’s style in the 1960’s consisted of poodle skirts, bobby socks, and saddle oxford shoes. Stark describes her present personality as significantly extroverted– she enjoys meeting new people and interacting with today’s Bolton students. Her advice to teenagers today is to “enjoy high school– the friendships, the learning, and the fun. It all stays with you over time and makes for warm memories.”

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